The dairy-free chocoat product family is a gateway to our chocolates and philosophy for milk chocolate fans. These new and innovative products are a combination of Finnish gluten-free oats and decadent raw chocolate. Four delicious flavours and the 0.9 oz bitesize are good for the body, mind and our beloved planet. Chocoat chocolates have 50% less sugar than conventional milk chocolates.

Vegan, gluten-free & soy-free.

Wild Blueberry

Creamy oat chocolates blended with hand-picked wildberries. Smooth and decadent, berry-lovers unite!

Cool Mint

Hints of fresh Finnish mint and smooth, velvety oat chocolate. Let the cool times roll!

Original Blond

For the classic chocolate lovers but with a twist. Cacao blended with oats. The new original milk chocolate!

Sweet Licorice

Finnish oats paired with sweet licorice straight from the root. Unwrap and enjoy!

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